Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day Off to Recharge

I took yesterday off, for the most part, to recharge the battery and find fuel for more creating. My husband and our oldest daughter went to the Loganberry Festival, at the Greenbank Farm, here in Whidbey Island. In the almost seven years we've lived here, we've never been to the festival. I should have brought the camera. There was a fabulous turnout of vendors and visitors, good food and music. I made some great connections. My daughter asked my husband a couple of times, "Where's mom?" He replied, "Networking." Networking is a stretch for me, but I stepped out in a bigger way than usual and made a connection with one of the vendors and the owner of one of the galleries at the farm. It felt good. I'm reinventing myself, one baby step at a time! Thanks to you all for your encouraging words and heartfelt support, I gained the strength to pull it out of the ethers and make it happen!

Here are a couple of pics of some recently finished work...

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