Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun With Texture

Good old fashioned rubber stamps were used to make these fun, fine silver dangles.  I prefer utilizing my own textures, but sometimes it's just nice to pick up a ready-made rubber stamp.  You don't even have to think about it.  This is great way to create texture without a lot of fuss.

These delightful dangles were made from a hand cut rubber stamp.  They were actually made from a portion of the stamp I made of a wren design I created to stamp some of my packaging.

The texture for this bird house came from a piece of fabric.  This is one of my favorite textures.  It imparts a very light, subtle texture.  It matches my esthetic, and it goes with so many different designs.

The texture for these earrings came from an orchid leaf.  My husband bought an orchid for my March show (Best of the Northwest).  It has just started to die back now and one of the leaves yellowed.  I was able to use it to texture several pair of earrings before it lost most of its texture.

The texture for these earrings also came from the orchid leaf, but I also added some dimples with the end of a book binding tool.

Rubber stamp fun...

The charms here were made from the outside petals of the very same orchid.

Texture is everywhere.  When you start working with metal clay, you'll start looking at everything around you as a texture possibility.  I've used so many different household items and plant matter to impart cool, unique textures on my designs.


  1. gorgeous pieces, I love the texture on the second pair of earrings. It's a running joke in our family now - mum will be looking at a plant & I'll be checking out how textured the leaves are :)

  2. Occupational hazard! Oh well!