Saturday, February 19, 2011

My sweetie has the camera today. He took off to the mainland to meet up with his sisters and get some fun shots. I had the whole day to myself. It was a productive day. You'll just have to wait until tomorrow to see the fruits of my creative labors.

I'm thinking of collections for my upcoming show, trying to make multiples of styles, without duplicating. I like my work to be unique and as close to one-of-a-kind as possible.

Several pieces of PMC Pro are in the kiln. This is my first firing of this new clay. The texture is much like Art Clay Silver. It seems to dry out pretty fast. However, it carves very nicely. I have two rings waiting their turn for the kiln. Can't wait...

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  1. Collections and mini production runs has always been one of my down falls. They are too tricky for me--I seem to do better with the ooaks
    Good luck