Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best of the Northwest Spring Show

You can find this and a lot of new pieces at the upcoming Best of the Northwest Spring show at Hangar 30 in Magnuson Park in Seattle. Mention this blog posting and you'll receive 10% off your purchase. The dates are March 26th and 27th. I hope to see you there...


  1. awesome stuff tammi!
    hope all is well over there on the island.....

    I have never been to that show, have you done it before? :)

  2. Hi Jody -

    This is my first time doing this show. I'm very excited about it. My hubbie and I are working on a new booth design - something a little cleaner looking.

    All is well on the island. We just got home from a trip off island. Maybe someday we'll get together...