Sunday, February 20, 2011

PMC Pro Firing Gone Wrong...

These two pictures are the results of my PMC Pro firing I did last evening. They both melted, loosing all their definition. They don't look bad, but you don't know what I intended them to look like either.

I so wish you could have seen these two pieces before firing. They don't look bad now, but ... The one that looks like a ladder was a piece that was woven. It had a lovely texture and two circles at the top - one of which was an integrated large jump ring of sorts. That had to be cut and filed off. It became part of the top circle and could not be salvaged.

These pieces were fired in a fiber box at 1400 degrees. I didn't vent the kiln. I'll lower the temp for the next firing and see what happens.

I told my husband when I came out of the studio with the pieces I was going to make lemonade. You know, that old saying - when life gives you lemons... Lemonade making is in progress. I can't wait to see what the two pieces look like made into pendants!

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