Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Super Easy Tutorial on Forging and Soldering Hoops, Making Ear Wires and Headpins

So, in addition to making lots of new designs in enamel, I have been mulling over some ideas for tutorials that might be of interest to those of you new to jewelry making.  I put together a simple, 21 page tutorial on forging and soldering hoops, making ear wires and balled headpins.  If you were ever curious about how to make hoops, ear wires or headpins, this tutorial is for you.  It gives you wire gauges, measurements and detailed instructions on how to perform all of the steps listed.  There are oodles of pictures.  My daughter was so sweet to model for me while I took pictures of all the steps.  She said that it all made sense to her and she's never made any jewelry before.

You can find the listing for this tutorial on the My Brown Wren Etsy shop.  Here is a picture of the listing:

There are tons of tips included, like what to do if you accidentally plate your silver wire by putting your steel tongs in the pickle pot.  If you don't know what this means, don't worry.  It's all explained in detail.  There is a recipe for the perfect pickle, how to properly dispose of your pickle, how to ball up the end of a wire for those pretty ear wires and headpins, as well as instructions on how to make the hoop and pendulum earrings pictured.

My tutorials on Chemical Free Etching Metal Without Acid and PnP Transfers Made Easy are both very popular.  I plan to add more tutorials in the coming weeks...

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