Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sweet Little Birds and Birdhouses

My little birds and birdhouses are very popular.  These two specimens are made from copper metal clay.  I just love the patina that can be produced on copper.  It makes it possible to create pieces that look like they've been around for many, many years.  Since I'm a big antique fan, this really speaks to me!  The blue patina to the right was some kind of happy accident.  I'm not sure how that happened.  When I unwrapped the necklace the other day to photograph it, it had that lovely patina.

Each of the little birds is hand formed.  The details are carved into the wet clay, like the tail and wing feathers, as well as the beak.  The eye is made by depressing the end of a ball-end burnisher into the wet clay.

Each of the pendants is hung on an oxidized copper rolo chain with oxidized sterling silver clasps.  The clasps are handmade - a nice touch for such a custom piece.

I've made each of the necklaces a bit longer, so that they hang to about mid chest length.  They each have a bit more substance than the normal pendant on an 18" chain.  So, I'm hoping people like them at this length.  They are decorated with the tiny birds and a few rustic beads.  I love the colors - and hoping that most people find them to be pleasing.  I am really attracted to colorful jewelry, but I rarely buy it, since I'm pretty practical.  Most of the jewelry I have in my personal collection is fairly neutral in color - so that I can wear it with most any outfit.  These pendants were made in a neutral pallet for the same reason.

Please let me know what you think of these sweet little birds and their metal clay homes...


  1. they're gorgeous, I love earthy/neutral colours

  2. I like everything about them. :)

    And I especially like the one with the curved roof. Very cool!

    1. Thanks Lela. That's my favorite as well.