Monday, June 25, 2012

Choochokam Up Next

I've been preparing lots of charm necklaces and beaded hoop earrings for Choochokam, as well as several pairs of bird swing earrings.  Pictures to follow real soon...  Friday I started drilling beach stones and making large silver jump rings for the stones and fine silver charms I made the week before.  There is an incredible assembly line all over the couch, since the work bench is already cluttered with stuff.  I've completed two batches of copper charms and another batch of bronze is firing as I type.  Hopefully, everything will fire properly.  The last two batches have been a bit iffy.  Several things in the last two batches cracked.  The carbon I've been adding to the firing chamber may be the culprit, so I opened a new bag and refilled the chamber.  I'm hoping that will resolve the problem.  It's been such a long time since I fired any bronze.  Keep you fingers crossed for me.  More to come tomorrow...

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