Sunday, January 9, 2011

Prepping for the New Year

I have already sent off an application for a show this summer. One down, four or five more to go. It's difficult to think of doing three shows in the span of three or four weeks, but the summer is when it's at. For this application, I had to come up with a picture of my booth. I went through all of the pics and they were all lousy shots. So, I had my jewelry set up in the studio for the studio tour and open house. Here is a glimpse of shows past...

The next show will look a bit different. My hubbie and I were brainstorming ideas yesterday for the new booth setup. I'm looking at entering more high end shows and my booth needs to reflect that. I can't wait to share when I have something more concrete. We know it will be more contemporary, to reflect my design esthetic. I plan for it to still be in the neutral palate though. I really like the off-white, black, natural linen and natural wood. It's like our home. I may give up the off-white for a color - maybe rusty orange. I'm just not sure yet.

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