Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Work

I was so hoping to have some pictures of my most recent batch. It was done with pearl gray steel metal clay from Hadar Jacobson. Unfortunately, it didn't sinter. The kiln has just gone off, so maybe Thursday I'll have some pictures... But, until then, here is a pic of a couple pieces of new work. I'm working on beads in various shapes and sizes, as well as new ways to create texture.

This will eventually be a focal bead in a necklace...

I created a photopolymer texture plate to make this piece. The plate didn't come out so well, so I added syringe clay to enhance the design and then sanded it down a bit. I really like how it came out...

The design for this pendant was created from a rubber stamp that I created. This is such a simple way to create a one-of-a-kind design that you can reuse. Each time you make the piece it's slightly different...

I've made several different variations of these earrings. The texture is from a corn husk. I love the organic feel...


  1. beautiful, love the box & the earrings

  2. owlie!.... always love those dang birds.
    you have me wondering how to use the kiln in my classroom more creatively! we should talk next time you come to the mainland- visit me!

  3. Sounds good Jodie. What temp does your kiln get to?