Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whidbey Island Open Studio Tour is Next Weekend

My husband and I have been busy trying to finish planter boxes around the front of our house to make it pretty for the studio tour. I've got tons of jewelry ideas swimming in my head that must get out and be finished by Friday. Needless to say, I'm a bit busy these days.

For those of you who are attending the studio tour, I have tons of things that are not in my Etsy shop. I have many rings, pendants, hoops and beaded earrings that are not in my shop. I would love for you to stop by and see what's happening in my studio...


  1. I actually might be free next saturday (besides painting the exterior of our house which I think we are giving up on for this year!) Where can I get details/maps of the studio tour?

  2. Amy -

    Sorry I didn't see this before the eve of the tour. Here is the website for info:

    Hope to see you!

  3. Bummmmmer. I missed the whole thing. My daughter and I drove to Mukilteo to get on the ferry, 90 min wait :(. It was already 1:30 so we bagged it. Hope you had a wonderful time!

  4. Sorry you missed it. Most of the people that came from off island spent the weekend. Next year you are welcome to stay here. Maybe we could get together when I take my class over there.