Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Studio Coming Together

I have been dreaming of a studio that had water and ventilation.  My current studio is in the office of our house.  It's a great studio, but there is no close access to water.  I have to travel 45 feet to the guest bathroom to use the sink.  The sink looks a wreck!  It's porcelain and I work with metal and glass.  Yuck!

So, I heard about this new shared studio space several months ago.  I took a look at it and another space in a friend's garage.  Neither one had close access to water.  So, I let it go.  But, you know how the universe works...  The first space I looked at had an opening in a room with a water hookup.  Yippie!

My new little space (and the emphasis is on little!) is about 10 1/2 feet wide by 12 feet deep.  I spent last week painting and my husband helped me build some counters on Sunday.  We have to go back tonight and bolt them down and put up the front facing board.  I'm also hoping there is enough material left over to build a desk.  We shall see.

Here's a peek at the work in progress...

Painting supplies.  In the middle of painting, there was a water leak.  We had a super heavy rain last week and the gutters were plugged.  Notice the sheet on the window sill?  Water was coming in the top of the window casing and running down the freshly painted wall.   It slowed things down a bit.  Once the gutters were cleaned out, I was back in business!
Left over cabinets from the former Coldwell Banker office in downtown Langley are in the corner.

The little "low boy" water heater makes things a bit challenging.  We have made a section of the counter top removeable in the event we have to replace the water heater.  I really hope that never happens!

This space will have a pull-out workstation - something like a computer keyboard tray.  It is also big enough to house two small rolling cabinets from Ikea that I have had in my home studio.  It's all about maximizing space!

Music lives in the funky cubby on the wall.  I wonder what that was for.  This space used to be a label factory and then a Montessori school.  Looking forward to decking it out more - once the counters are finished.

We will be having a big grand opening gala really soon.  I share the space with 7 other artists.  There is even classroom space, which was one of my other dreams for the perfect studio.  I can't wait to move everything in, get working and share this all with you!

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