Friday, February 8, 2013

Macro Photography

I am working on polishing my photography skills and found a neat website via my bead soup blog partner's blog.  It's all about macro photography.  And, since I use a macro lens to photograph my work, I thought I'd join and see if I can pick up some pointers.  Here is one of my most recent shots that I really like...

This is a pair of earrings from my new Urban Organix Collection.  This is my attempt at something a little dark and organic.  It's hard for me to make things that are really rustic, but I really like the style.  So, this is probably as rustic as they'll get.  However, I could change!

I am making the blanks out of metal clay, sanding and firing and then banging the heck out of them on an old, rusty hammer.  After I get the texture I like, I solder on the ear wires and ball up the little scrolly thing that the pearls dangle from.  I also have been making tiny bead caps for these that are a little rustic as well.

This photo is shot with my Nikon D70 and a 60mm Nikkor lens.  It was shot in a window, with daylight behind and a white piece of matte board in front of the earrings for a little reflected light.