Thursday, June 7, 2012

Whidbey Festival of the Arts

Last weekend was the beginning of the show season for me.  I've been crazy busy getting ready.  The show was small and the sales were pretty low, but I made a lot of great connections and will hopefully be putting together an artist-in-residence program in the fall for our local high school, as a result of one of those contacts.  There was live music for the whole event, which was pretty enjoyable.  We have a bunch of talented folks on this little island in the sound!

The whole purpose of the festival was to raise money for arts in the schools.  Next year the high school will be down to one art teacher, which is very sad.  It is so frustrating to see art programs cut - especially here, where there are so many talented artists, kids, et. al.  I can't imagine what will happen if these kids don't have access to the wonderful course offerings that they've had for so many years...


  1. Well now you've got me on my soap box. As a former art teacher, it makes me sick when I hear about systems cutting the arts. You'd think by now that they would be aware that art helps students excel in other classes. (How often do you hear that systems have cut the sports programs?) And I also love sports...but...ya know?!?

    Thank you so much for your contributions toward art education.

    1. Lela - I was thinking the same thing. A much heavier emphasis is put on the sports than the arts. Both are very important. I wish the powers that be would realize that!