Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day!

First snow of 2012 - oh so peaceful!
The snow started yesterday morning at 6:45.  By the time noon rolled around, we had quite an accumulation and closed the office.  Yippie!  A snow day!  The drive wasn't that exciting.  I drove the 6.4 miles home going 20-25 mph.  Thankfully, no one was in front of or behind me all the way home.  I always dread following someone who hasn't driven in the snow before.  They never get up enough speed to make the hills, and then all kinds of bad things can happen.

This picture is of the big rock outside my living room window.  There is a small japanese lantern in front of it on the right.  It's a very peaceful sight, and one that I've thoroughly enjoyed for the last two days.  The peace and quiet of the snow has given me inspiration to create.  The following quote was  instrumental in bringing me to a place of peace, where creativity could flow:

If you seek peace and love first, if you learn to become mindfully present, you'll find that good things seem to be attracted to you without your even having to specify them.  When you think about using the power of your mind in daily life, remember that peace is the most important goal, because thoughts of peace open the heart to love, and then close the mind to fear.  Peace and love are the frame of reference through which we discover the mind's true power.   
Joan and Miroslav Borynsenko.


  1. wow !! That is a lot of snow !!
    Stay warm my friend !!! ♥

  2. It was only about 8 inches, and it was gone within a day of it stopping. I'm glad it's gone. Everything stops here when we get this much snow. It was nice to have the time to be creative!