Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Fresh Paint was a great success.  It was so invigorating demonstrating to so many curious passersby the wonderful mysteries of metal clay.  Who could have known that metal clay has been around for centuries?  I thought it was discovered by the Mitsubishi Corporation about 15 years ago.  But oh contrare - a curious onlooker told me that the Incas ground platinum and mixed it with copper and sintered it centuries ago.  Again, who could have known?  I certainly didn't.  So many people have never heard of metal clay.  I know I didn't until I met a wonderful jewelry artist at the Anacortes Arts and Crafts Fair two years ago.  It was so exciting to see one of her pieces this past weekend on a fellow vendor.  This event was wonderful.  If you didn't attend, you should next year.  It was great to see everyone sharing their talents!

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