Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is The Christmas Season Really Upon Us???

Need I say more??? What happened to this year? It's amazing to me that Christmas is a month away. We were totally cheated out of a summer and now Christmas? Well, like it or not, tis the season.

Last weekend I was at the Queen Anne Trunk Show. Next weekend is the Friends of Freeland Arts and Crafts Fair. Hope to see you there! I am sharing a display case with Denise from She's a friend and co-worker. It should be fun. The organizers have distributed 10,000 bookmarks throughout the Puget Sound Region. The show is December 3rd from 5-9pm and December 4th and 5th all day. If you need directions, please email me... mybrownwren [!at]

As an update... I've suspended my account at It just wasn't the right venue for me. I am hoping to put together my own website with a shopping cart for you to purchase directly from me. I'm not sure when this will come to fruition, but I'm pushing for the first of January. That's my timeline, but my hubbie's timeline may be different. He's the web designer. It's sort of like the cobbler's wife - and you know how that goes! But, I've shared my goal with the cobbler and he gave me a big smile. I hope that means he will comply!

I've just listed a ton of items on my Etsy site. Please check it out. Included is a necklace made from my lentil bead I made at the certification course in October. I'm particulary proud of it. Let me know what you think...


  1. yes, the holiday season did creep up fast! good luck to you at your upcoming shows...I'm at the Phinney Winter Festival next your lentil bead!
    happy thanksgiving

  2. happy thanksgiving to you and your family as well!

    We've had a very nice day so far!