Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Class Loot

It's not really loot since I paid for it and made it, but it feels like loot. We had seven projects to make in three days. We learned how to make a lentil bead...

Next was a ring that was made in two firings with a stone set in a bezel, as well as a tetrahedron. The tetrahedron started out as three identical triangles that we mitered and joined together with slip. We applied three different textures (one of which was mirror) to each face and soldered on a tie tack.

The next project was to make an amulet. The design was of our own choosing, but it had to be a 1 1/4" circle with a tab at the top. After the piece dried, we had to add detail with carving tools to both the front and back.

This ring was made with tiny squares of PMC Paper and Aura Gold - a 22k gold paint. We torch fired the Aura Gold after it was applied. I applied a patina after the class. I'm still on the fence as to whether I like it "antiqued" or whether I liked it better without the patina.

The next piece was a pair of woven earrings. They were made with PMC Paper. They were fun to make. I really like working with the paper. It feels like a thin piece of rubber. You can cut it with paper punches, a tissue blade, or an exacto knife. It can be used to apply a thin design layer to your pieces. I really like working with it.

The last project we made was a pen. It was a great exercise in making moving parts that fit together (the top fits into the shaft and closes with a screw).


  1. Totally awesome pieces, Tammi! When I did certification, my favorite was the pen. The tetrahedron on the other hand... Our instructor wanted a mirror finish on all three sides. My right arm will never be the same. :o)

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing! You did so much! I can't wait til I can experience the same thing :) Good job!

  3. I just love the woven earrings - have been wanting to try paper for ages - think I might just give it a go now! Lovely post.

  4. I love the ring with the gold and the woven earrings!

  5. amazing pieces Tammi, I especially love the lentil bead & the woven earrings :)

  6. Looks great Tammi! Absolutely love the woven earrings!

  7. Oh, thank you everyone. I can't wait until you all can take the class as well. Although, I bet you can do any of the projects on your own. You are all so talented!