Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stamps, Stamps and More Stamps

My husband and I have a computer box filled with stamps. It's ridiculous how many stamps we have. It's a combination of my collection when I was in fifth grade and his dad's collection. Stamps were so beautiful many years ago. The detail that went into them was just amazing, especially considering there were no computers way back when. I wish stamps could be that beautiful again.

The reason for mentioning stamps you might ask... I've been racking my brain for years on what to do with them - the stamps. I went looking through the box to see if I could find something for my Metal Clay Heads Challenge (Summer Romance). I didn't find anything just right, but my brain is bubbling up some crazy ideas. Now, for some steel clay. Check back in a couple of weeks and I'll have a sneak peak at one of my ideas...

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