Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yesterday was a day full of procrastination. Heck, the last week has been filled with procrastination. I've not been feeling particularly motivated to make art or get ready for my show which is in less than a week now. I have table skirts to make, more displays to design/create and weights to construct for my tent. Oh my!!!

I went to Choochokum yesterday (part of the procrastination). It was a gorgeous day in Langley. The sun was shining and art was all around. I met up with an artist who is new to the art fair scene, Jody Cain. I love her work. It was so funny, because as she was talking to someone in her booth I thought she looked familiar. I brushed it off until she looked at me and called me "Brown Wren." She and her daughter visited my booth at The Artist Garage fair a couple of weeks ago in Everett, WA. Small world!

Here's a peek at her stuff - I really love it!

Check out Jody's blog.

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  1. Thanks so much for the word! I so much enjoyed meeting you again. I am hoping to see you again soon! I love my earrings and wear them with pride :)