Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Upcycled Hoops in Copper, Silver and Nickel

In my last post I mentioned researching for new inspiration. My most recent idea, a mixed metal pair of hoop earrings, came from a mail order catalog. I didn't copy - I know what you are thinking. There were a pair of single silver hoops that loop through your ear. Mine are nothing like that. This is so hard to explain. I guess the inspiration was hoops. So, I made a copper hoop. We've got tons of copper wire left over from building our house that I wanted to upcycle. Next, I soldered a nickel silver hoop inside of the copper hoop. Then came the fun part. It took me over an hour to figure out how to solder and bend a silver headpin onto the back of a metal clay disk to make an ear wire. Ear wires are not hard to make, but I needed it to hold the hoops in place and allow everything to hang properly with flowing movement. I made a second earring this morning before I went to work. It was a much quicker process once I had figured it out.


  1. These are sweet. I didn't know you could solder base metals. I really must start playing with fire.

  2. Lois - I learned how to solder back in 1985. The project was called a marriage of metals - copper, brass and silver. I still have that piece and should definitely post it for you. Check back tomorrow...