Monday, May 24, 2010

Disaster in Metal Clay

I started working on a new collection Friday night and have almost completed two pieces. They aren't working though. It's so frustrating when you have an idea that looks soooooo good in your head, but it's less than perfect upon execution.

I am attempting to incorporate small stones from the beach here on Whidbey Island into my metal clay pieces. However, I encountered all sorts of difficulties. My prong settings were not fusing so I had to solder them. I was half expecting the solder to flow in the kiln, but thankfully it didn't. I didn't have enough prongs on another piece and therefore have no bail to hang it. A solution for that has yet to materialize. I used fine silver for the setting on one of the pieces and it was incredibly soft until I tumbled it... The list is too long to continue.

All I have to show for the entire weekend of creating are three pairs of earrings and four tiny little necklaces. Wow!

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