Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wheels are Spinning

Yes, my wheels are spinning. That's why you haven't heard from me in a while. I'm a muller, and the ideas have to be well formed, or almost perfect, before I spit them out. I've been working on display ideas for a potential craft show. I say potential because it's juried, but I have a very good chance of getting into it. I'll say no more for now. Regardless, there will be plenty of shows in my future. After talking to my accountant last night, it is evident that one must really sell a lot in order to avoid being penalized by the federal government for being a "hobbyist." With that said, I'm working on ideas for my booth so I can sell lots of jewelry lovelies in the very near future.

Last evening I opened my box from Rio Grande (a jewelry supply company) and madly set out to make earwires, so that I can increase my supply of jewelry by 50%. I made 150, or 75 pairs. Half were the french earwire style and half were of the ball-end variety. Then the best part... I tumbled them in my new tumbler. They are just the pretties, shiniest things ever! Pics to come later. Now, I'm off to my day job...

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