Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Ran Out of Fire!!!

Yeah, I ran out of matches and the one lighter I had ran out of butane. So, I was only able to make four pairs of earrings today. Soldering is coming easier though. Being self-taught is really a bitch sometimes. You have to learn through trial and error. I had a woman tell me once that's how you learn bad habits. How do you know their bad if they get you to the finished product???

Here's what I made today:

I'm really excited about hand-forging metal and soldering. These two techniques bring my work to a different level. Wire wrapping is a skill, but it can be learned by most. I've always wanted to make jewelry that was unique. It finally feels like I'm getting there.

My mom and sister both really enjoy my designs but are looking for silver. That was my inspiration for today's pieces. Shiny silver isn't my taste, but I need to listen to what people want if I'm going to make jewelry that sells. So, two of my newest designs are a compromise. They are a marriage of shiny silver and oxidized silver. I think I'm gonna like this. What do you think?

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